fastcgi & tcl 7.5?

Wessel Kraaij (
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 13:58:59 +0200

Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 13:58:59 +0200
Message-Id: <>
From: Wessel Kraaij <>
Subject: fastcgi & tcl 7.5?

I have apache + fcgi running and successully opened the 'echo' example

My goal is however to port my [Incr tcl] CGI scripts to fastcgi. I
linked Itcl2.1 (based on tcl7.5) to fcgi-lib. The tiny-tcl-fcgi test
script did not work. I built a nen plain tcl interpreter based on
tcl7.5 and it did not work either. Finally I downloaded the
precompiled tclsh from the fastcgi website (based on tcl7.4, which is
rather outdated). This one works.

Has anyone patched the fcgi-tcl extension to work with tcl 7.5 ????

I can imagine that the major change in the I/O of tcl 7.4==>tcl7.5
are the problem. Here's a quote from the README of tcl7.5:

    5. Tcl has a whole new I/O system.  All of the Tcl commands like
    "open" and "puts" should continue to operate as before, but there
    is a totally new implementation that doesn't use the C stdio library:
        - The new I/O system is more portable, and it can be extended
          with new kinds of I/O channels;  see CrtChannel.3 for details.
        - Nonblocking I/O is supported on all platforms and there is a
          new command "fconfigure" to enable it and other channel options;
          see fconfigure.n for details.  There is also a new "fblocked"
        - The I/O system automatically translates between different
          end-of-line representations (such as CR on Macs and CRLF on
          PC's) to the newline form used in UNIX and in all Tcl scripts;
          the "fconfigure" command can be used to control this feature.
        - There is a set of C APIs for manipulating Tcl_Channel's, which
          are analogous to UNIX FILE's.  The C procedures have roughly the
          same functionality as the stdio procedures.  See OpenFileChnl.3,
          CrtCloseHdlr.3, and CrtChnlHdlr.3 for details.
        - There is a new structure Tcl_File that provides platform-
          independent access to file handles such as UNIX fd's.  See
          GetFile.3 for details.
        - There are new procedures Tcl_GetErrno and Tcl_SetErrno for
          accessing the "errno" variable in a safe and portable fashion.
          See SetErrno.3.

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