Fast-CGI with Informix

John Van Stralen (
Thu, 01 May 1997 14:03:08 -0700

Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 14:03:08 -0700
From: John Van Stralen <>
Subject: Fast-CGI with Informix

Sorry to everyone for the blank message that was sent out earlier, my
computer has been experiencing some difficulties.

I have been using my Fast-CGI to do select queries to an Informix SE
database and have been experiencing some wierd errors. When running the
Fast-CGI program I connect to the database at the start of the program
and then enter the "while (FCGI_Accept() >= 0)" loop and then make the
select call to the database. I get in return a SQlSTATE of IX000
(Informix reserved error message), the sqlcode is -461, sqlca.errm comes
back with nothing and sqlerrd[1] is 0. Has anyone run in this problem? 
Has anyone been successful with using Fast-CGI with Informix?

I am using an Apache web server on Solaris 2.5 with FastCGI version

					   John Van Stralen