Java FastCGIs on AIX with Apache

Daniel I. Applebaum (
Thu, 01 May 1997 19:54:47 -0700

Message-Id: <>
Subject: Java FastCGIs on AIX with Apache
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 19:54:47 -0700
From: "Daniel I. Applebaum" <>

I am having a significant problem running Java applications as
FastCGIs on AIX.  Essentially, the FastCGI server process exits with
no output, exception or other diagnostics.

AIX is version 4.1
Apache is version 1.2b7

I am not using the built-in module, just cgi-fcgi as a cgi to connect
to an externally running Java server running on the same machine.  The
Java server I'm running is TinyFCGI, taken right from the Java
introduction page.  I start is as
rs1% java -DFCGI_PORT=9999 TinyFCGI

This seems to work fine.  netstat -a shows a *.9999 listening socket:
tcp        0      0  *.9999                 *.*                    LISTEN

In my server_root/cgi-bin I have a symlink called Fsample.cgi which
points to a script called which contains:
#!/home/danapple/java/cgi-fcgi -f
-bind -connect rs1:9999

In my browser, I invoke http://rs1/cgi-bin/Fsample.cgi.  As soon as I
do this, the java VM invoked above exits with no error messages.  In
the browser, I just get the standard "internal error" message.  If I
run the VM within dbx, it shows a normal exit.  I ran the VM with
method tracing on, and the last thing it shows before exit is a
PrintStream close.  When I try to invoke the CGI, no methods get
printed before the VM exits.

How can I tell what is causing this to exit?  Is there any way to get
error messages out of the VM?