Problem building Perl with sfio

Jiri Glumbik (
Wed, 4 Jun 1997 14:59:47 +0000

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From: "Jiri Glumbik" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 14:59:47 +0000
Subject: Problem building Perl with sfio

Hello !

I have problem with building Perl with sfio library on AT&T MP RAS 
UNIX release 3.00. I have built my Perl by instructions provided 
by :

1) I have built SFIO library

2) I have run configuration of Perl>
	 sh ./Configure -Dusesfio -Dperlio 
	+ answers about sfio directories and library

3) I have installed the FCGI module for sfio

The build seems to be O.K., but after I want to test my fast-cgi 
program (echo.fpl), I can see  this error: 

dynamic linker: /usr/local/perlfast/bin/perl: symbol not found: sfdisc

I have tried perl5.004, perl5.00397, sfio95 and sfio97, FCGI-0.28, 
FCGI-0.27, but the result is the same. The library sfio (libsfio.a) 
is linked O.K. When I use the "nm" program, i can see the 
sfio function names in perl binary. 
Do I have right versions of the programs. Do you have experience with 
AT&T Unix and Fast CGI ? 

				Can anybody help me ?

PS: Excuse my english
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