Building Perl w/ sfio on HPUX 9.05

Mike Baptiste (
12 Jun 1997 16:34 EDT

Message-Id: <>
Date: 12 Jun 1997 16:34 EDT
From: "Mike Baptiste" <>
Subject: Building Perl w/ sfio on HPUX 9.05

I've been trying to get FastCGI working with Perl 5.004 on my HPUX 9.05 
WebServer with no luck.

My first attempt was building FastCGI io directly into perl using 
fcgi_stdio.  This requires gcc which unfortunately is at 2.6.3 here.  I'm 
working to upgrade it to  Everything compiled okay, but I failed 
about 20 different tests :(

Drop all the FastCGI stuff and compile vanilla Perl 5.004 with gcc 2.6.3 
and I fail the same tests.  (Yes it was clean.  I untarred the perl package 
again to make sure)  Compile Perl 5.004 with cc and everything works GREAT 
except I can't build in FastCGI since I can't use the -include flag with 
cc.  Okay, the gcc upgrade is coming, I'm told, but I'm inpatient.

So I try sfio97 and Perl 5.004 just to see what happens (before I realize 
gcc casued all teh test failures I saw)


gcc or cc, I get another problem.  During the compile of the Fcntl 
extension (Dynamic), I get an error from Fcntl.xs.  /usr/include/pwd.h, 
lines 71 and 76 have routines that pass a parameter of type FILE *:

extern struct passwd *fgetpwent(FILE *);
extern struct sw_passwd *fgetspwent(FILE *);

The error says:
/usr/include/pwd.h 71:Parsing Error: *

for both of these.  I get the error from gcc AND cc if the sfio stuff is 
linked into perl.  Without it, I compile fine and with cc, pass the tests.

Anyone seen some thing like this?  I'd like to try sfio in lieu of building 
FCGI directly into perl, but this has me stumped and no gcc upgrade is 
going to fix it.

Any thoughts?

Mike Baptiste