Linux 2, Apache 1.2, fastCGI 2.0b2, fcgi apps won't stay up

Felix Morley Finch (
19 Jun 1997 05:12:16 -0000

Date: 19 Jun 1997 05:12:16 -0000
Message-Id: <>
From: Felix Morley Finch <>
Subject: Linux 2, Apache 1.2, fastCGI 2.0b2, fcgi apps won't stay up

Last version of Apache I had running with FastCGI was 1.1.1 I think.
I actually had 1.2.0 running fcgi apps, but then I added the SSL
module, reconfigured, and now the fcgi apps don't work.

This is Apache 1.2.0 and FastCGI 2.0b2, on Linux 2.0.30.

Let me start at the beginning.  I have Apache running as user www
group www.  I start it as root.  The /usr/local/etc/httpd hierarchy is
owned by www.www, mode 700/600.  FastCgiIpcDir is ...httpd/logs/fcgi.
If this directory is owned by www.www and mode 700 when Apache first
starts up (like everything else), I get the followng complaint:

Syntax error on ...
FastCgiIpcDir: Need read/write/exec permission on directory

Considering that everything else is owned by www.www and mode 700,
this seems wrong.

(Also, a minor annoyance: the FastCgiIpcDir directive insists on an
absolute path.  Is this necessary?)

If I instead start it up with the fcgi directory owned by root.root,
things go somewhat better.  Two sockets are created (owned by
www.www), a subdirectory named dynamic (owned by root.root), and
dynamic/mbox (owned by root.root).  However, the fcgi apps die very
quickly.  Then when I try to access them, mod_fastcgi logs a server

Could not connect to application, OS error 'Permission denied'

If I then change permissions to a+rwX for FastCgiIpcDir and down, the
server times out.  ps shows the fastcgi apps are not running.

BTW, these are two example apps, echo and tiny, in C.  Nothing fancy,
no changes.


1.  Is there any reason not to allow relative pathnames for

2.  Why the startup error if the fcgi dir is owned by www.www instead
of root.root, when everything else is?

3.  And most important (!), what am I doing wrong that kills the fcgi
apps as soon they get their sockets, directory, and mbox file created?

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