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At 09:48 AM 6/17/97 -0300, you wrote:
>According to fast-cgi docs (in the web page), fcgi can
>handle application in two ways: Session affinity and Multi-threading.
>I think session affinity is the usual way. 
>Please, let me know: is multi-threading really available?
>Thank you all! Andre.


[First of all, this is not a flame; I am seriously interested in using 
fcgi once it really handles threads right. Also, I believe my
info is correct, but would not bet the farm on it-- I looked at
fcgi seriously a few months ago.]

When I looked at this, it seemed that the libraries were largely
thread-safe if you were careful, but that the implementation of the 
fcgi library keeps you from reading multiple query strings at once.
(The architecture I believe supports threading, however, so hold your 
breath! :-)

Therefore, a single browser will monopolize a threaded fcgi server 
until that browser's query string is completely read by the fcgi.
I believe this is true even if you write the fcgi as event-driven instead of

(This is discussed in detail at
http://www.fastcgi.com/mail-archive/0504.html )

As I see it, the lack of multithreading
ability severely hampers the usefulness of the fcgi library--
basically making it unsuitable as the heavy-use cgi problem
it was designed to solve.  The workaround I see is to handwrite server
extensions that connect to a (handwritten) truly threaded standalone server.
Maybe someone can write a library to do this generically, or modify
fcgi to do the right thing! (HINT!)

If I got anything above wrong, please do correct me!  (ducking for cover!)

Josh Rabinowitz, Senior Software Engineer

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