Re: FastCGI app restart/kill

Jonathan Roy (
Sat, 05 Jul 1997 10:51:16 -0400

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Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 10:51:16 -0400
From: Jonathan Roy <>
Subject: Re: FastCGI app restart/kill
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  Maybe you are referring to fastcgi 2.0, which I don't know anything
about, but if you are referring to the older 1.x which is probably more
commonly used, multiple accesses greater than the # of processes in the
pool are queued until a process can get to them. That's why you can set the
listen queue size. I think 2.0 does some dynamic pool size stuff, but we've
never tried it. Might give it a look once our fixes for 1.x are finally
added to the devkit. :)


At 02:21 PM 7/5/97 +0000, wrote:
>I know the switch '-processes' to specify the number of processes of 
>one FastCGI app to start. And I know that when more then this amount 
>of users try to access the App, new ones will be spawned. But what I 
>would like to know is when those new ones will die when they are not 
>used. And IF they will actually die.
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