Fastcgi 2.0 beta bug...
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 17:35:53 +0000

Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 17:35:53 +0000
Subject: Fastcgi 2.0 beta bug...


Not sure if you already know about this bug, if it actually is one.

I'm using FastCGI 2.0 beta (I think beta 1, not sure though.. since I 
have no idea where it says what beta it is <g>).

There is a file called mbox in the dynamic dir, which gets recreated 
each time apache restarts. The problem now is, that one can setup 
apache so that it'll use a special user id after it was started. 
Here, this is wwwrun. The problem is though, that FastCGI 2.0 doesn't 
seem to care about that, and recreates the mbox file with owner set 
to root, the user that STARTED apache, but not the user that apache 
runs as. This results in dynamic fastcgi aps not working.
One can always set it to wwwrun manualy, but this is very annoying 
and I am sure that there is a way to fix it inside of fastcgi...

- Fabian Thylmann <aka NaTHaN>
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