Re: Apache, FCGI, and SSL

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24 Jul 1997 01:27:07 -0000

Date: 24 Jul 1997 01:27:07 -0000
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From: Felix Morley Finch <>
Subject: Re: Apache, FCGI, and SSL
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>>In article <>, writes:

> I know there was a patch posted a while back to allow FCGI and SSL to
> co-exist, but I don't think the same patch is applicable to Apache 1.2.1 nor
> the fastcgi module that goes along with it..

> Anyone tried this yet or find a fix?

I did indeed try it, no luck.  The fcgi example apps (echo, tiny)
compile and run, but die quickly enough that ps never gets a chance to
see them.  If I replace them with special test dummies, Apache
complains, so I know it's finding them and trying to run them.  My
system is strictly for my own education, and as much as I would get a
kick out of playing with this and figuring it out, I have other things
I want to learn too, so I never got any further with it.

This is Apache 1.2.0 with the 2.0 FastCGI kit.  For what it's worth,
here are my notes:

	a.  All changes are to the src directory.  Change all patch
file references to not include any directories, and get rid of the
diff lines.  I don't know if this is due to using the latest patch or

	b.  Configuration patch needs to expect # on the OPTIM line.

	c.  Looks-minor (famous last words) change to http_main.c; a
for loop changed to a while loop.

	d.  Version number needs fixing in httpd.h patch.

My notes are dated June 18th, and I couldn't tell you now any more
than you see here.  I do remember being annoyed at note (a); I don't
know enough about the patch file format to know why I had so much
trouble, but enough mucking about made it at least apply reasonably

Wish I could tell you more!

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