re:Fastcgi "OS error: interrupted system call" still happens

Mike Baptiste (
24 Jul 1997 12:09 EDT

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Date: 24 Jul 1997 12:09 EDT
From: "Mike Baptiste" <>
Subject: re:Fastcgi "OS error: interrupted system call" still happens

We also saw the same error on our servers (Apache 1.1.3, Perl 5.002, HPUX 
9, FastCGI compiled into perl and mod_fastcgi v1.4.3).  I had to write a 
script that monitored the error logs and kicked the server automagically 
when it happened.  However, I have now moved FastCGI to a new server 
runnign Apache 1.2.1, Perl 5.004_01, and HPUX 9, FCGI-.30 w/ sfio, 
mod_fastcgi v.1.4.3)  I have yet to see the problem.

The one thing different (besides using sfio) is I applied the memory leak 
patch posted on the listserv earlier (see below)  

Don't know if this was the prob (too soon to tell) but I do know my 
processes on the old server were growing each day and now they have 
stabilized, but its too soon to tell.

Mike Baptiste

FcgiCleanUp doesn't free the  TString structures (DStringFree frees
the contents, but not the structure)

so after the

you need to add
        Free( infoPtr->header );
        Free( infoPtr->errorOut );

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>Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 15:17:19 -0700
>From: Brad Templeton <>
>Subject: Fastcgi "OS error: interrupted system call" still happens
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>I'm using Fastcgi to support the page, but about once
>a day we will see this error start on the server and it doesn't go
>away untill you kick it.   I have a daemon watch the logs and kick the
>web server if it sees the error -- sigh.
>The cgi was compiled with version 1.5.1 of the library of Dec 12 96,
>and it has the loop around the accept call described in earlier messages
>on this list as a fix to this problem, but it still shows up.
>The "OS error: connection refused" error also was showing up until I
>bumped the listen-queue-depth up to a high number.
>Running apache 1.2.0 but not the new beta mod_fcgi which was not reliable
>enough for this.
>It's hard to test for as it seems to be something that only shows up
>under load, though there have been times when it slowed up
>Any thoughts?  
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