Re: C++ support?

George M. Feinberg (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 18:56:42 -0400

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Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 18:56:42 -0400
From: "George M. Feinberg" <>
To: Kasper Peeters <>
Subject: Re: C++ support?

Kasper Peeters wrote:

> I cannot imagine that no-one has yet made a freeware wrapper that
> wraps
> all the fcgi in/out in C++ iostreams. Nevertheless, a search in this
> forum and on DejaNews didn't come up with a single useful hit. Do I
> have
> do do this myself?

I sent code that wraps fcgi output in an ostream class to this group a
year or more ago.  Input doesn't make as much sense in FCGI.  If it's
not in any archive, perhaps I could dig it up again.


> Kasper