questions after reading fcgi-spec.html

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Fri, 15 Aug 1997 10:11:05 -0400

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Subject: questions after reading fcgi-spec.html
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 10:11:05 -0400
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Subject: questions after reading fcgi-spec.html
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I hope you do not mind my writing you directly. I feel that my questions are 
newbie and it could be worthless disturbing others. I am sorry disturbing you.

Fci-spec.html does not mention process affinity. Where is it detailed?

FastCGI does not deal with how the processes are started, or restarted. This 
a Web server implementation issue. If this is the case how can the authorizer 
tell the Web server:

        Hey, this is a user just wanting to log in, starting a session, 
        for which I need a new process. Please start one!
        or: Start one on machine XYZ_SERVER! (load balancing)

or how can it say:

        I know this hit comes from user XYZ. Dear Web server, please 
        issue the hit to the process XYZ_PID on server XYZ_SERVER as this 
        is the process for this users.

How can an authorizer decide to authorize or unauthorize if it does not get 
FCGI_STDIN or at least FCGI_DATA. (I assume FCGI_DATA is equivalent to the CGI 
GET parameters, is it.)


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