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Tue, 02 Sep 1997 11:26:44 -0400

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Subject: Re: Windows NT and FastCGI
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 11:26:44 -0400
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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 08:45:23 -0400
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From: Bill Snapper <>
Subject: Re: Windows NT and FastCGI
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Hello Ben,

I just ran the same experiment with echo and got the new QUERY_STRING
each time I accessed the script.

I will download the kit from today to see if there's
anything I've fixed in my version which didn't get rolled into the
official beta (cause it is a beta) release.

The differences I see with your environment however are as follows:

1) I don't use MFC.

2) I've been using only C and not C++

3) My libraries have been built on VC++ 4.2 and not VC5.

- - Bill -

At 04:45 PM 8/27/97 -0500, Benjamin Gavin wrote:
>  I ran the echo program and had the same problem.  I started with the
>QUERY_STRING=hello, and then proceeded to change it over and over, but no
>matter what the page that was returned got QUERY_STRING=hello.  The PID
>stayed the same, and the count incremented, but no change to the query
>string.  I'll answer your question below to see if you have any more ideas:
>>1) What version of the FastCGI libraries are you using?
>  2.0b2
>>2) What is your app written in?
>  C++, Microsoft Visual C 5.0
>>3) Have you tried the experiment of posting to "echo" for example
>>   to see the different variables?
>  Yes, as described above.  Just for informations sake I'll give you the
>configuration that I am using.  Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, IIS 3.0,
>Pentium 133, 48MB RAM.  Not sure what else you would need.  I can run the
>program fine using it as CGI, but opening VERY expensive database
>connections is very slow with regular CGI.  I also compiled the libraries
>with MFC compatibility since I am going to be doing database accesses.  Any
>other ideas??
>Thanks for your reply,
>P.S.  I have also recieved letters from others saying they had the same
>problem and asking that I forward a solution if one is found.
>>I just ran a GET against the echo.c application and each time sent
>>an HTTP header called foo and changed the value each time I issued
>>the request.  Each time there was a new variable seen by the echo
>>application and the counter was incrementing.
>>- Bill -
>>At 12:23 PM 8/27/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>  I don't know what happened to my last post, so I'll send another.  Sorry
>>>if the same thing shows up twice...
>>>  I am having MAJOR problems with FastCGI under Windows NT.  It seems that
>>>no matter how I change the environment variables between calls to the
>>>FastCGI process, They DO NOT CHANGE according to the FastCGI process
>>>itself.  A simple example will illustrate the point...
>>>1a)  Submit form using GET, content-length=50
>>>  result:  FastCGI program starts up, gets correct data.
>>>2a)  Change form submittal to POST, content-length=50
>>>  result:  Still reads from the original QueryString, as if GET was used.
>>>1b)  Submit form using POST, content-length=30
>>>  result:  FastCGI program starts up, get correct data
>>>2b)  Submit form using POST, content-length=29
>>>  result:  FastCGI program tries to read 30, gets bogus last character
>>>3b)  Submit form using POST, content-length=31+
>>>  result:  FastCGI reads only first 30 characters
>>>4b)  Submit form using GET, content-length=30
>>>  result:  30 random characters read from standard input, sometimes
>>>           kills program, sometimes continues with bogus info.
>>>As far as I can tell the FastCGI program gets only one set of environment
>>>variables.  It gets whatever set it is started up with, but no more.  No
>>>matter what changes I make to the environment variables, there are no
>>>changes to the FastCGI programs environment after the first call.  This
>>>works fine if the method is POST and each input set has the exact same
>>>content-length, but how often does that happen???  It doesn't matter how I
>>>get the environ variables, using FCGX_GetParam, or getenv.
>>>Please, I need FastCGI's speed improvements.  I DO NOT want to port the
>>>existing program into an ISAPI dll... YUCK!!  Any ideas would be
>>>Ben Gavin

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