re:#including output of a fastcgi

Mike Baptiste (
04 Sep 1997 10:29 CDT

Message-Id: <>
Date: 04 Sep 1997 10:29 CDT
From: "Mike Baptiste" <>
Subject: re:#including output of a fastcgi


In message "#including output of a fastcgi", writes:

>How does one include the output of a fastCGI program in a page?  I am using
> Open-Market-Secure-WebServer/2.0.0.RC3
>I tried using <!--#include virtual="/e_personals/ad?/all_spaces"--> and it
>generated this error:
><!--# (#132) script is not allowed from non-exec directive:
>/e_personals/ad?/all_spaces -->
>But it doesn't do anything when I use <!--#exec cgi="..."-->
>Is there some sort of <!--#exec fcgi="..."--> tag, or do I have to use (and
>learn) the filter role?

Hmm.. Might be something with your server.  I have Apache v1.2.3 running 
FastCGI 1.4.3 on HP-UX.  include virtual works just fine.  I use it for 
both FastCGI includes (page counters, etc) and cgiwrap SSIs.

Check your server config.  It seems to think that include virtual cannot 
point to an executable.