Re: Apache-FastCGI-Current Version? Authorizer?

Stanley Gambarin (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 16:14:54 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 16:14:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stanley Gambarin <>
To: Dirk Elmendorf <>
Subject: Re: Apache-FastCGI-Current Version? Authorizer?
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On Thu, 4 Sep 1997, Dirk Elmendorf wrote:

> Where is the best place to get the latest version of the apache module (&
> new patches)?  Are these only posted to the mailing list(I've only seen
> 3rd&4th patch revisions)- or is the download on the FastCGI web site kept
> up to date?  Has anyone attempted to integrate the authorization code from
> Dr. Dobbs into the apache module so that it can handle the authorizer role
> as well?  I got the authorizer to work, but now I'm not looking forward to
> having to keep adding it back in when a new version of the module comes
> out.....
	As far as my understanding goes, OpenMarket does not have FastCGI
up high in their priorities, however, if anyone from OpenMarket would like
to comment otherwise...
	With regards to an updated module, you can ask David MacKenzie to 
supply you with his patched version, which I looked over and it seems to 
have fixed most of my misdoings.
	I am also working on some changes, however, those changes are 
designed for Apache 1.3, dealing with their "better" directory structure,
some new improvements, etc.  If people are inerested, I should have some
sort of a module available by next Monday together with the list of things
to be implemented.
	Finally, regarding authorizer... their original revision was 
designed to deal with only basic type authentication, which was not
generic enough, however, I have not looked at their published one.  This
could be a possible enhancement in the future.