Re: Well.. I've tried it again.. and again it's failed

Jonathan Roy (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 22:23:07 -0400

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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 22:23:07 -0400
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From: Jonathan Roy <>
Subject: Re: Well.. I've tried it again.. and again it's failed
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  Could it be a multiple accept() at once problem like we had under Solaris
before providing those patches? FCGI .31 includes them all I think, so you
should be safe from that... you might try manually configuring the module
at build time to use locking around accept() (it's in a .h or something),
also try running just 1 process and see if it eventually locks up. If it's
a locking issue, it should work ok longer term.

  Of course, if this is fastcgi 2.x I don't know, haven't used that, but be
sure to apply all of David's patches. There is a complete set at: 

  I believe.


At 08:43 AM 9/11/97 +1000, Anthony Rumble wrote:
>I tried it before in January.. and it used to fall over
>all the time..
>I saw a new sfio released which now has proper linux support
>So.. I decided to try again..
>Unfortunately.. with exactly the same results..
>Running sfio 97 release
>Perl 5.004_03 with sfio on
>apache 1.2.4 with the mod_apache
>running the sfio FCGI v0.31
>under Linux 2.0.30 running redhat 4.2
>Same symptoms.. I have a script that is executed very often
>(it's called a jump script.. it's for following click throughs
>which is why it has to be fast)
>When I run the appclass...
>AppClass /home/httpd/html/matilda/jumpto.fcg -processes 3 -initial-env
>It lasts for a little while ok.. then it STOPS.. 
>do a ps -lxaw | grep fcg
>and it's sitting in the "unix_data_wait" state..
>So I try TCP mode.. use
>AppClass /home/httpd/html/matilda/jumpto.fcg -processes 3 -initial-env
FCGI_MODE=true -port 8000
>Same thing.. runs for about a day ok.. then stops..
>no longer accepts connections... I can't even telnet to the port
>Does ANYONE have ANY idea whatsoever could be the problem here..
>Im pulling my hair out trying to make this work.. 
>I need something like fastcgi that can do these scripts.. but so
>far it's just not reliable enough..
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