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Fri, 12 Sep 1997 10:43:07 +1000 (EST)

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Subject: Re: mod_fastcgi
To: (Stanley Gambarin)
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 10:43:07 +1000 (EST)
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From: (Anthony Rumble)

The main thing thats causing all this confusion is the fact
that there is no formal version control on the 
archives or filenames. I have NO idea what
version of the dev kit I have.. or what version of apache-fastcgi
because every release is named the sam thing.. Iand usually you
can't rely on the files contained within to determine
the version number..

>From the readme of the apache-fastcgi I have a version 2.0b1 16 Apr 1997
for the Whats new.. But is this the latest? There hasen't been
a change since april? I doubt it..

Could we possibly take the ideas from say the CPAN project and
take on their archive numbering scheme so that we have
something in the order of apache-fastcgi-2.0b1.tar.gz

It means that when I look in an ftp site or http page, if I see
a new version.. I know immediately that theres a new version..

It also means if there are unofficial releases, they can put something
to tghe end of the version to indicate this..

At the moment were all flying blindly around wondering what patches
were applied to what release.. an no one knows..

I know the version of the FCGI module (since it's a CPAN one)..
I know the release of the sfio code.. and the perl release..
but thats about where it ends..

> On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Gerardo Diaz Cuellar wrote:
> > Ok, so which are the newest version which includes all the patches and 
> > has everything fix? ON FCGI? and on PERL5 sfio?
> > 
> 	I guess i should clarify the issue here... there are 3 separate
> parts here.. 
> 	1.  mod_fastcgi module that implements FastCGI protocol 
> functionality for   the apache server by translating HTTP requests into
> FastCGI requests and back
> 	2.    FCGI developer kit - which implements the protocol for the
> FastCGI application.. this covers overwriting stdio routines, FCGX_* 
> functions, etc.
> 	3.  Application libraries which allow implementation of the 
> of the FastCGI applications in the language other than C.  They are build
> on top of the FCGX_* routines.
> 	I (personally) am dealing with (1) only and am not involved
> in anything else.. (no time)
> 	(2) is still "maintined" by OpenMarket, but as far as I know,
> the accept() fix was NOT put in the latest developer kit (i may be
> mistaken, so Roy, if you can check it against whatever is on the 
> website would appreacite it).
> 	As for the (3), most of the libraries are still provides by
> OpenMarket, with the following exceptions:
> 	There are some changes for Java code to make it work with 1.2
> release of JDK (or is it 1.1.3 ?)
> 	Perl-FCGI module, which is maintained by Sven. Latest version
> is .031 i think.
> 	So, the whole purpose of this letter is ... next time when
> you reporting problems/requesting enhancements/just baabbling, make
> sure to report with one of the 3 items above you are 
> referring to...
> 					Stanley.

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