Re: os error thing again..

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Sat, 20 Sep 1997 16:29:55 -0400

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Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 16:29:55 -0400
From: Jonathan Roy <>
Subject: Re: os error thing again..
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  Well, that is a bad sign. :( 1.5.2 is the older fixed sized pools version
of FastCGI. 2.x is the dynamic pool size ones.. overall 2.x is better to
use I'd guess. With all the recent bug fixes to it is should be almost
completely stable. I haven't moved any of my sites to 2.x yet though, still
using 1.x. Weird that 1.5.2 would cause so many more problems. :/ Maybe it
is like the quickly-dying process problem that was only found after
accept() was fixed.

  May as well give 2.x a try and see if it works for ya.


At 09:54 PM 9/20/97 +0000, wrote:
>>   Please let us know how it works out for ya!
>Should I get the 2.0b2.1 devkit or the 1.5.2 ?
>Since I got the 1.5.2 and now it happends like 20x as often!
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