re:Re: OS Error.... again and again..

Mike Baptiste (
23 Sep 1997 12:01 CDT

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Date: 23 Sep 1997 12:01 CDT
From: "Mike Baptiste" <>
Subject: re:Re: OS Error.... again and again..

You should never send a kill -1 (or 9) to Apache since you often get zombie 

Its recommended you send kill -TERM (to kill it) or -USR1 to do a graceful 
restart where each child is kept alive until its current request is 


In message "Re: OS Error.... again and again..", writes:

>Sometimes I have seen the problem appear right out of the gate, when just
>starting the fastcgi with a kill -1 to apache.
>But once it happens it never goes away until the kill -1, is that consistent
>with the running out of listen queues?  SHouldn't some of the pending
>requests eventually go away, opening up queue slots?
>It does happen to *all* requests, so it's not something in one particular fork
>of the fastcgi, it's in the apache module or the OS.