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mod_fastcgi for Apache

This module has been tested with Apache version 1.2 which is available at http://www.apache.org/dist/. Contained in apache-fastcgi.tar.Z (mod_fastcgi version 1.4.3 (for Apache 1.2)) is a README file, the C source code for the FastCGI module, a minimal configuration for testing, and documentation.

The latest version (mod_fastcgi version 2.0 (for Apache 1.2 )). This is still in beta. The new features include dynamic process management, which makes administrating a server with fastcgi just as easy as a server with standard cgi.

Previous version (mod_fastcgi version 1.4 (for Apache 1.1.1))

To unpack, creating directory apache-fastcgi:

     cat apache-fastcgi.tar.Z | uncompress -c | tar xvf -
Then follow the directions contained in the README file.


  1. Versions 1.4.2 and later of mod_fastcgi do not work with Apache server prior to 1.2b1. If you are running Apache 1.1.1, use mod_fastcgi 1.4.1, which has the same functionality as 1.4.2, but is compatible with Apache 1.1.1. Any later versions of mod_fastcgi will only run on Apache 1.2b1 or later.
  2. Versions 1.3 and later of mod_fastcgi do not work with older versions of Apache such as 1.0.5. Version 1.2 of mod_fastcgi does work with older versions of Apache, but lacks many improvements made in Version 1.3. Upgrade to a newer Apache.

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